The Silicon Valley Community Foundation advances innovative philanthropic solutions to our region’s most challenging problems, including the issue of immigrant integration.  In Silicon Valley, one-third of our residents are immigrants, nearly half of our workforce is foreign-born and close to two-thirds of those under the age of 18 are the children of immigrants. Given this demographic reality, a new social model of immigrant integration – one that promotes mutual benefits for immigrants and their receiving communities and that allows newcomers enhanced civic participation and improved economic mobility – is critical.

One component of SVCF’s immigrant integration strategy is strengthening the legal services infrastructure, which seeks to address the need for affordable and reliable immigration legal services provided by nonprofit community organizations.  These legal services will enable large numbers of immigrants to obtain legal status that can lead to citizenship, better jobs, family unification, health care, increased educational opportunities for children and adults, and fuller participation in community life – the building blocks of strong communities and healthy societies.  Of particular interest to SVCF is the use of new technology that helps further resource sharing and capacity-building among legal service providers.

To address these issues, SVCF has invested in two county-wide collaborative groups:  Collaborative Resources for Immigrant Services on the Peninsula (CRISP) in San Mateo County, and South Bay Legal Immigration Services Network (SBLISN) in Santa Clara County.  These two county-wide groups, with a total of 16 immigrant-serving nonprofit organizations, form the Strengthening Legal Services Infrastructure Cohort (SLSI).  Our shared mission is to provide free or low-cost immigration legal services in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

This CONEC website is designed to help recruit and route new volunteers to appropriate opportunities within this network of immigration legal service providers, to scale the size and diversity of volunteers needed to serve low income immigrant communities in Silicon Valley.

Cohort Members